Monday, August 9, 2010

The City

Usually nicknamed as an 'Open Air Museum' or 'The Eternal City', Rome is a city of contrasts be it architecturaly or culturally. Those who have visited ­­­­­­­­­­­­­hotels Rome atleast once will probably know why the city is considered to be one of the most magnificient and beautiful cities in the world. It is definitly worth experiencing the magic of visiting the sights in Rome. One visit to hotels in Rome and its memories will haunt you to make a hasty return. It is almost impossible to complete a trip in hotels in Rome, without being touched by the city's timeless beauty.

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Rome has been the center point of attention since the ancient times. It has grown from a tiny village to being the power holder of the Roman Empire. Today the city ranks among the best cities in the world offering history, culture, entertainment, art, fashion and culinary delights. Sights in Rome are plentyfull and almost all of them reflects history and culture unlike any other city's sights. Tourists staying in hotels Rome, usually love walking along the streets of the city as every corner houses some attractions. It wouldn't be an exageration to call the city kaleidoscopic.

Before planning a visit to hotels Rome, one should also plan out a list of sights in Rome to visit. If you are thinking of visiting all the important sights in Rome in just a week's time, it is impossible. It is often said that to see all of Rome, one would have to spend a life time. It is a very good idea to choose an accomodation located close to some of the sights in Rome or those having excellent connections with the public transport. For example Hotel Gabriella, located in the center if the city has an access to the extensive public transportation network, which helps in reaching the sights in Rome easily. It also offers comfortable facilities and services, so that the guests can relax after a long visit to the sights in Rome

Monday, July 12, 2010

Most Important Sights

The history of Rome spans over two thousand years. Almost all the travellers staying in hotels Rome, is fascinated by the history of the city most of which involves the Roman Civilization. Sightseeing in the city should surely include visits to some of the ruins of the glorious Empire. The first on the list of must visit sights in Rome must include the Colosseum. Visiting the Colosseum truly gives the feeling of reliving history. During the rule of the Roman, it used to be the center of entertainment, where gladiatorial and animal combats were held. This is one of the sights in Rome, that you can visit at night, when it is lit up with various lights making it more attractive. While walking around the colosseum, you will get views of sights such as Roman Forum, Arch of Constantine and Circus Maximus.

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Tourists staying in hotels Rome love visiting the Pantheon, one of the most impressive sights in Rome. The Pantheon is located in the historic center of the city and is surrounded by numerous cafes and streetvendors. After a visit to this amazing sight, you can make way to St.Peter's Basilica. It is one of the those sights in Rome, that offer magnificient architecture and artworks.

Tourists visiting hotels Rome should also include some of the museums of the city in their list of must see sights in Rome. Vatican Museums are made up of some of the world's best collections and should not be missed. The complex of Vatican Museums includes attractions such as the Sistine Chapel, Gregorian Egyptian Museum and Rapheal Rooms. To know more about the Roman civilization, one can visit the Museum of Roman Civilization. On visiting Villa Borghese, one gets to enjoy a multitude of activities. You can stroll along the large public to take a break from sightseeing. The park also houses some great Roman museums. Stroll along the Piazza Novana or sit near the Trevi Fountain and watch the world pass by!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Other Highlights

Sights in Rome captures the attention of all the travellers to the city. Apart from the sights in Rome, there some other highlights of the city that cannot be ignored. For example the stylish and cozy restaurants and cafes, offering tasty Italian cuisine. Donot forget to gorge on some tasty pizzas and pastas while staying in hotels Rome. Rome is known as one of the fashionable cities in Europe. So, shopping centers in the city are very inviting.

There are many luxurious hotels, as attractive as the sights in Rome. Hotel Diocleziano, is located in the heart of the city and offers 35 rooms decorated in classic style. Placed near Via Veneto Boscolo Hotel Aleph is one of the luxurious hotels Rome that offers facilities of spa and relaxing treatments.